Aegis Wet Weather Fabric

Everyone knows if you want the very best in garments to keep you dry, then Swazi® is the answer.
Our wet weather gear is legendary. Our big challenge was – how do we make it even better?


The next generation of wet weather fabric from SWAZI®.  Developed by SWAZI® and tested in the New Zealand mountain environment, it is a quantum leap forward in providing comfort and safety to outdoors people worldwide.

What is Aegis®?

A windproof, waterproof and breathable membrane made from PTFE. It is the most breathable membrane we have ever incorporated in SWAZI® garments.  We use the AEGIS® membrane in both our Watershield (wet weather) and Windshield (windproof) fabrics.


How does Aegis® work?

Three-layered AEGIS® provides you with absolute protection from rain, snow and the wind, at the same time allowing your moisture vapour to pass through the unique Watershield membrane. This process gives you
incredible protection from the elements, allowing you to operate at the highest levels of outdoor performance.

Why is Aegis® better ?

The fabrics we spent two years developing have proven in trials to be every bit as waterproof and windproof as our old fabrics. What these product trials also showed was enhanced breathability, a vital factor for determining the comfort of any waterproof garment.

It is important to use fabrics that perform. What is actually even more important is to design garments which utilise those performance fabrics so customers can benefit from them. SWAZI® implicitly understands the design process, enabling us to design and craft the very best in wind and rainwear in the world.