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We have stashed away some great bargains in the Swazi Bargain Bin. You’ll have to hurry because they’ll be snaffled up quickly! Clan Swazi members are the first to be alerted to new additions to the Bargain Bin! Join the Clan today.

Matiere Jacket
Now NZD$129.99 NZD$199.99
Women's Dash
Now NZD$299.99 NZD$399.99
Kids Bushmans Tee
Now NZD$24.99 NZD$29.99
Klondyke Jacket
Now NZD$299.99 NZD$449.99
Thorso Vest
Now NZD$199.99 NZD$299.99
Camo Coat
Now NZD$299.99 NZD$0.00
Kids Long Sleeve Micro Top
Now NZD$29.99 NZD$34.99
Now NZD$15.00 NZD$19.99
Kids Micro Top
Now NZD$24.99 NZD$29.99
BCRT Cure Top
Now NZD$39.99 NZD$39.99
Casual Jacket
Now NZD$299.99 NZD$499.99