Swazi Legends

One of the things that we at Swazi really love about being New Zealand manufacturers is that we are able to give back to our own communities.  We do this through Davey’s speaking schedule and our sponsorship program. Every year we receive hundreds of sponsorship requests and so we use a criteria to assess them.  This year that criteria is “Ordinary people doing amazing things in the outdoors and giving back to the community”.  It feels bloody good to be able to give so much back!

We also like to support some of the people we come across who we think are just pretty dang cool.  We like to think of these people as Swazi Legends.  Have a look at what our own Legends have been up to!


Rob-Suisted-Photographer-Wellington-New-Zealand-05  max
Rob Suisted
Master Photographer
 Max Wirihana
Legend in the Making