About Swazi New Zealand


Buy-NZ-MadeSwazi is 100% committed to producing apparel in New Zealand  – ensuring staff can maintain the self-esteem, self-respect, pride and satisfaction that goes with making a world-class product in their own community.

The Swazi adventure began in October 1994. A trapper by trade, Davey Hughes and his wife Maggie started the company after a crash in the skin market.

“If I was an expert at anything, it was getting wet and cold! I had ideas, dreams and ambitions.  Mags had the drive to help turn them into reality. What a team! We set out to build a company to design and make clothing that would keep people dry and warm. Durable. Practical and affordable clothing.”

Now, Swazi has become much more than a NZ clothing company. 19 years on it is a company with huge respect around the globe, not only for apparel, but also for its stand on environmental issues, social justice and promotion of adventure.

The Swazi promise is to continue to produce innovative and practical Agricultural, Hunting and Outdoor Leisure clothing. Hand in hand with this assurance Swazi also undertakes to make the voice of the outdoors heard. To promote adventure, hunting and a sense of responsibility among young people.

Swazi New Zealand – Proudly Made in New Zealand by New Zealanders