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About Davey




Swazi founder Davey Hughes has hunted Caribou in the Arctic Circle, grizzlies in Alaska and buffalo in Tanzania. He’s the bane of New Zealand Customs officials’ lives, has run the gruelling Coast to Coast adventure race 3 times in the past 4 years, and is the man behind the highly-successful Swazi outdoor clothing label; he’s a passionate conservationist and he sure knows how to spin a yarn or two. Davey Hughes – aka the Swazi Man – is many things, but one thing he’s most certainly not is conventional.

As a kid growing up in Wainuiomata, he spent the weekends in the hills going after pigs and possums. But there’s more to the Swazi Man than hunting and a taste for adventure. He has built an outdoor clothing company on the proudly made-in-New Zealand ‘Swazi’ brand; and he wants to get more kids into our back-country having the roughing-it adventures that kick-started his remarkable life.

Davey lives life to the full, but what underpins all of this is his absolute love of the great outdoors.


SWAZI® is proudly made in Levin, New Zealand. It’s made by a passionate bunch of people who live close by – in fact so close by that many of them walk to work every day.

What’s the big deal about that you might ask? A whole lot of things actually. First and foremost it’s about community, something that’s easy to forget about if you have your product made on the other side of the world. You see, to us, creating jobs for people who live in our town is pretty much the best community oriented thing we can do. It’s bloody awesome to see people develop pride in what they do every day to earn a crust and it’s awesome to watch that pride spread through their families and whanau.

For us, it’s much more rewarding to watch people grow than to watch a bank balance grow, because bank balances just get bigger – people get better.

At the end of the day, we honestly don’t get why someone would deny their own family, friends and neighbours a job just to make a couple of extra bucks on a T-shirt.

Of course taking such a stand means our gear might cost a few dollars more than some of the cheap-charlie brands out there, but in 15 years time when your bush shirt is looking a bit worse for wear, but still giving you faithful service, you will have forgotten all about that.

The SWAZI® promise is to continue to produce innovative and practical Agricultural, Hunting and Outdoor Leisure clothing, hand in hand with our assurance to make the voice of the outdoors heard by promoting adventure, hunting and a sense of responsibility among young people.


Watch our video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihze53mzExM