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Wild Pork Terrine with Pistachio

Pork Terrine

Shot a pig? Great.

Now to do something with all that mince the butcher gave you or if you’re doing it yourself and you’ve a mincer, you can keep all that trim and turn it into mince. Mince is really versatile and a really good way of maximising your animal. 

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Tahr Eradication Programme

Davey Tahr Eradication



   We have too many tahr in our mountains. That’s a fact. An optimum population level is a subject of discussion not only limited to and by the Department of Conservation, but also embraced and expected by hunters, that’s the second fact. What’s the problem then?

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Braised Venison Neck with Gremolata

Venison Neck Recipe

Venison necks are one of my favourite cuts and if you can then are well worth carrying out. The flavour is exceptional and the meat succulent when transformed by a few hours of slow cooking. Check out this months Recipe for Braised Venison Neck with Gremolata.

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Grayson Ferguson, Explorer

PN Normal School

When a 10 year old fellow Explorer emails to say he will do ANYTHING to meet Davey, how could you possibly turn him down.

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Mozambique Magic

   Mozambique Images



Dugga Boy

Black Death


Syncerus caffer...


   I don’t believe any other animal has as many monikers as the Cape Buffalo. However, one thing that is consistent is his belligerent attitude, that stroppy, pugnacious “I really don’t give a stuff about you, the horse you rode in on, or the calibre of thunderstick you carry” which makes him, in my opinion, a most worthy adversary to hunt, if not the most. This I do know, I have hunted him on 4 occasions and there will be a 5th.

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