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Davey's 4WD RV from Hell pt 5

Unimog Part 5 Landing

   Progress: 1. A forward or onward movement towards a destination. 2. Development towards an improved or more advanced condition.

Davey Hughes gives a progress report on his Unimog build. Turning his ex-military vehicle into a 4WD off-road camper has been an enlightening journey, one beset with hold-ups, u-turns and on the fly design changes.  “You simply can’t let frustration and disappointment rule the day. Regroup. Recharge and go at it with gusto. Every little step you take gets you closer to the goal. Ultimately, staying with the vision wins in the end.”    

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Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos Landing

If you’ve been watching Davey’s Boat Journey and got inspired to head out onto the water and catch some kai then here’s a recipe for you.

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The Most Important Cog In The Wheel

Kane and family

Kane Brisco’s into his seventh year 50/50 sharemilking at Ohangai near Hawera, in South Taranaki. He’s one of a growing number of farmers getting behind Farmstrong, a nationwide rural wellbeing initiative designed to help farmers cope with the ups and downs of farming.

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