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Clan Member Benjamin Pigott in the Subantarctic

Clan Story

Clan Member Benjamin Pigott was awarded a True Young Explorer Scholarship to travel to the Subantarctic with Heritage Expeditions over the summer of 2018/19.

The scholarship aims to provide young people who are scientifically and outdoor minded with an insight to the Subantarctic and get them inspired to tackle conservation and environmental issues.


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Pip Rescued!

Pip Rescued

Kiwi Guiding owner Jack Gauld found Pip, a beautiful black lab who survived a 10 metre fall and 10 days out in the bush with a broken leg and damaged spinal discs.

You're a bloody legend Jack Gauld.

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Jacqui Kerins

For as long as I can remember, I’ve looked up from home at that triangle of green bush and tussock tops called Waiopehu. 

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