At the core of the Swazi brand is the belief that we’re not here to grow a huge bank balance, we’re here to grow people and communities and to ensure we do what we can to take good care of the environment. We call them our Good Deeds.

We start by looking after our people. For example we allow our machinists to make items out of fabric remnants and they sell those products to friends and family to build a staff emergency fund.

We also like to look after our communities and this means Davey travels the length and breadth of New Zealand, almost constantly, speaking at fundraisers for small rural kindergartens and schools. These events have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe millions, over the years. We also look after the girls with our annual production of bright pink fleece tops in aid of the Breast Cancer CURE Research Trust.

And of course we look after our environment here in New Zealand through our association with DoC and overseas through our support of the rangers at the Borana rhino sanctuary in Kenya.

And there’s much more. It’s a huge part of what spins our wheels.

We don’t see it as ‘corporate responsibility’ or ‘being seen’ to be doing something – it’s just always felt like the right and natural thing to do.