- Staff Clothing

Whether it's a SWAZI® "Off the shelf" solution, or we work with you to design and engineer a solution to fit your specific company needs, we have the experience and expertise to deliver. SWAZI® garments are an investment that will show you REAL payback. When staff outdoors are warm, dry and safe they are without doubt far more productive.

Some of our customers have experienced productivity gains of up to 40%. What will yours be? Add to that garments which are more durable and your investment looks all the more attractive.

Our garments have been tested and proven in some of the harshest environments on the planet. Through that knowledge, coupled with fabric choice and attention to detail in both design and manufacturing, SWAZI® garments are guaranteed to outperform any clothing your staff may have worn in the past. 

We employ in-house sophisticated fabric and garment technology to ensure the clothing you will purchase is the world's most durable. This added assurance gives you more comfort, more productivity and ultimately more profit.

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